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Centrica plc is a British multinational energy and services company with its headquarters in Windsor, Berkshire. Its principal activity is the supply of electricity and gas to businesses and consumers in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and North America.


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Current Employee - Senior Manager says

"Management needs to be more ethical."

Current Employee - Sales Engineer says

"Incompetence at the leadership and management level in North America."

Former Employee - Account Executive says

"Toxic culture, awful leadership, constant pay/commission disputes. Zero employee loyalty."


"UK management is horrible. They control every decision over US and most of those decisions lack vision. UK management just wants to implement UK-like structure for US, whether that works or not. US management has absolutely no power over anything. The primary vendor UK forced on Direct Energy has more power than US management. Centrica does not value Direct Energy employees. Due to this, most of the people I knew who were good at what they do, have left the company. Also, did I mention the pay is very less??"

Former Employee - Houston says

"UK leadership is horrible. There is a lack of trust between the UK and US teams. They have removed all the strategic roles in North America. They used to have some really dynamic leadership on Houston they are all gone now. All the people I know that are staying are doing so for cushy job people don't go into the office anymore and are working part time for full time salary. They don't really care anymore. It really is a shame Direct Energy was a great place five years ago doing great things and the results. All the good people have left or will leave and you will be stuck with people who don't want to work. Changing the bonus structure for 2019 anyone good left or will leave in 2020 when they get their bonus it won't be what they have been used too. Centrica doesn't seem to have a strategy other than cut costs and layoffs. Just not a good place to be....."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Too many to name . Unprofessional blue collar place ."

Former Employee - Developer says

"Most toxic work place ever in my career. Managed by fools incapable of direction or strategy. Happy to bait and switch customers. If you are looking to derail your career or go to a company run by religious zealots - this is the place for you."

Former Employee - Business Development Manager says

"Management is clueless Company is run to appease shareholders only. Hostile work environment if you're over 40."

Current Employee - Digital Marketing Manager says

"bad atmosphere, very political racist Not great Could be possible Location is OK Bad hours"

Current Employee - Customer Service says

"work ethos and constantly stat pushing."

Smart operations (Former Employee) says

"Worse company I have ever worked for, period. Constant threat of redundancy and changes to contractuel agreement with added unachievable KPIs and a culture of promoting the undeserving."

Engineer Technician (Current Employee) says

"Poor pay , Hitler style of management, unrealistic targets and bonus schemes , micromanaged using trackers on vans and on lap tops , almost impossible to book holidays , personal and customer safety compromised on a daily basis.Pension scheme, new vans to driveEverything. Avoid"

Business Consultant (Current Employee) says

"Micro managed - because they are BAD at managing Poor leaders - no idea what so ever what's required to lead a successful company. If your face fits then you're fineNoneEverything"

Gas Installation Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Been in games 35 yrs worst company ever management kidS haven’t a clue felt guilty when doing installs how much customers pay SHOCKING you’ve been warned stay well clear A lot better company’s out there !!!"

Customer Advisor/Complaints Expert (Current Employee) says

"Rubbish don’t work here If you don’t mind getting your nose brown then job is for you. Team leaders are pathetic individuals who seem to think they are important. Sad as... Used to be ok place to work years back but unfortunately people at the top change and everything has to conform.Some good peopleEverything else esp big headed team leaders"

Dispatcher (Former Employee) says

"You get treated so poorly in this place! It’s a horrible company to work for well maybe not the company but the place of work most definitely I would not go back"

sse (Former Employee) says

"pure stress and oppression by management. visiting various properties to carry out installation, exchange and removal of gas and electric smart meters.coursesstress"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"They will literally get rid of you no matter what ! Absolutely useless and poor management, wouldn't let a dog step foot in those offices. Childish managers, rude , arrogant and nastyNoneNone"

Smart Energy Expert (Former Employee) says

"The things told in interview never happened (regarding work days). Moving up rarely happened... then only 'friends' of managers would. You're expected to leave 30 minutes (at least and unpaid) each day to get to your first job. Then be home anything from 30 minutes plus after your shift(also unpaid). Pay was the worst of all the big energy companies. The job went from being an engineer to being much more for no extra pay or time. You're told the 'law' of doing things right, yet the tasks are not possible unless you do not follow the 'law'. Then if caught doing what they already know you do and put so much pressure on you to do, then they will wipe their hands of you. So you either end up stressed, pressured while working extra doing things right or the alternative is, still safely, doing things but any mistakes will cost your job. The only good thing about the job was it was different due to the customers and jobs you come past. Other than that, it's a tight knit group who just help each other. This may come across like someone who was sacked... but i wasn't. Compared to similar jobs, as stated before, in terms of hourly/monthly rate, bonuses, overtime, etc. This job was the worst paid, with constant failed promises of moving up the ladder as well as failure in increased pay. Morale was very low. A lot of staff very unhappy. Departments in the company always blaming other departments. Not a great experience. If you do decide to join them, I hope you don't experience the things I have."

Csa (Current Employee) says

"Do not work here, I’ve worked here 14 years and it use to be good but recently it’s gone awful!! No reward, clueless managers, face fits etc... managers and the company do not care about you one bit!! Avoid - business on the declineNoneAll of it"

Smart Energy Expert (Former Employee) says

"I found the management to be like some kind of school yard gang that only gave out perks to some and not all, very unfair and very childish, they also picked and choose when and when not to speak to you and were not supportive in fact seemed to put obstacles in the way and would not return calls when advice and help was requested. Shame on you"

Service Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Used to be a good company, but now profit driven want engineers to focus on selling products not the good old fashion values of being the trusted gas board days, lees times to repair and service Many older engineers have left as a result, losing their customers"

Technical Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Current head of British Gas, taken millions in pay and benefits over the last two years. Sacked for ruining the company. Me. Sub contractor, running my own business on tight margins keeping BG's customers boilers safe and running. Along with all the other subbies, sacked in August because the clown above ruined a successful business. Joke"

Service and Repair Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Company has gone down hill massively for engineers. Expected to hit impossible targets and are put into a process if you don’t. All managers care about is making you sell to customers. In the last 5 years we have had our bonus cut So much around 5% or engineers get it now. We pay 4 times the amount of pension we used to and get less out of it when we retire. Every time we order a part we are questioned by management as if we are stupid. No opportunity for overtime anymore as they give it all to contractors. Engineers leaving at an alarming rate. Company will be completely sold or shut down within 3 years.Tools providedTons of late shifts. Tons of weekends. Poor management. Bullying culture."

Case Manager (Former Employee) says

"its now apparent finally that webhelp are a terrible company i used to sit in the toilet and pray to god i married a rich man so i didn't have to continue working therepeople you worked witheverything"

Team Leader (Current Employee) says

"Low morale and unfair treatment of employees within the workplace. Agents upstairs are paid more for less work. New employees receive little training or attention."

Customer service advisor (Former Employee) says

"do not want to rate centrica at present as I am still in employment currently. the culture is ok and average place to work I am just looking for a new challenge"

Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"Bullying atmosphere, managers shouting and threatening violence or dismissal. Undertones of a culture of racism as a way of dividing staff. No support from managers who would not listen to concerns raised. People just leave when they have had enough.Staff parkingaggressive managers - divided workforce"

Authorizations (Former Employee) says

"I don't know where to start with HWA... It was terrible from the management all the way down to the environment. This is a last resort, save yourself the stress!"

Smart Meter Engineer (Former Employee) says

"the job it self was very good but also at the same time one of the worst to work for. i say this because i reported a problem a dangerous situation during working on site and ended up getting dismissed based on an allegation and because i was unable to prove they're allegation to be wrong they dismissed me although i hfalse accusation"

David Sandall says

"I am a British Gas Home serve customer, which is a subsidiary of Centrica. British Gas companies have appalling reviews, which Centrica fail to rectify. My wife and I are vulnerable customers without central heating for 3 days. British Gas do not care about safeguarding its customers, which equally means Centrica have no concern for poor customer service of its subsidiary companies"

David Brown says

"Shame on them! If you are thinking of installing the new Worcester Gemstar think again. BG don't know how to fix errors ("They never break down!") Worcester Bosch have no idea either. Promises of further visits are lies. And it was only installed a month ago with five year warranty!!!!!"

Grib says

"I was a Breeze energy customer that has gone over to British Gas due to Breeze Energy going out of business.

The service so far has been truly shocking. British gas have tried to put me on a very expensive tariff even though I have applied for and were accepted on a better one.

It appears to me that British Gas are taking advantage of this and trying their best to make more profits from previous Breeze customers."

Huw Roberts says

"Do not deserve 1 star. Loyal customer of 20 years. Trying to arrange a boiler service with my Homecare contract. Earliest date offered is 18 December, 5 weeks in the future. Go elsewhere. Awful, awful customer service. Have been through to customer service online but absolutely useless response - and a 30 minute wait if you want to speak to customer service."

Phillip says

"Even though I am in the process of swiitching from another provider. Find it appalling that i cannot speak to anyone on the phone ,even having been waiting for 47 min I am in a cooling off period. Why can't I contact them?"

Adrian B says

"Shocking experience. Asked them to delete my data, and they wanted even more data to 'verify' who I was. They also retain data for 8 years. That's just not right.

Perhaps they make you jump through hoops, so they technically 'retain' you as a customer."